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London Building Regulations & Planning Approval

London Building Regulations & Planning Approval

Are you building in London? Then you need to understand why you need to get a building plan. If you are personally involved in building, then you must follow the building regulatory system. Of course, it is crucial you know the consequences of not adhering to building plans and what repercussions it might have on you and the entire project.

Regardless of whether or not you are engaging the services of a reputable building company like Reniam, it is essential to understand that the building is yours and you have to be involved in the whole process. At Reniam we carry the responsibility of ensuring that the construction work complies with all the building regulations. But, we also know that you are the owner of the building who should be conversant with all the processes to avoid any altercations with the enforcement agencies.

Assuredly, a building approval is mandatory before undertaking any construction or building refurbishments within London and the UK. After you have obtained your building approval, you must understand the building regulations in the UK. The Building Regulations 2010 addresses provisions that relate to construction and extension of buildings. Moreover, for any alteration projects, you may need regulations approval for:

So as an Owner...

You should be cognizant of the fact that regardless of the aesthetic design of your home, you must ensure that the home meets the necessary building standards. Crucially, the building has to be structurally sound and safe. Every aspect of the building from the foundation to the installations has to meet the required standards. So, as a developer, getting approval is very important before the commencement of the works.

Hence, if you are in any property development project, then you need to ensure that the project has a building plan approval which specifies the technical requirements of the building. Moreover, any building refurbishment that involves changes to an existing building must get an approval that details the specifications that must be met.

Before contacting Reniam, you should ensure that you have all the approvals. As much as we can handle the whole procedures, from initiation to development for you, we always prefer that you get the approvals right and then contact us for the works. Remember that this building is yours and you do not want to be in the wrong books of the authorities. So, try to get everything right before we start the project.

Please Beware..

It is mandatory that you adhere to the approved plans to avoid penalties. Any alterations to the existing plans have to be approved before they are undertaken. Failure to adhere to the approved plans can result in deleterious outcomes to the property owner and the builder. If help getting the right approval is needed, we can always sit with you to offer our unbiased advice and guidance. We have formulated a reputation over the years by sticking to the books and doing things by the law. So, we will never commence work on any building project without the approved plans.

If you need more advice on building plans by London builders, then feel free to pick up the phone and dial 07894877574 to speak with one of our savvy building supervisors. Otherwise, you can reach us via email with any questions or job specifications. Once we catch up on your requests, we will organise an initial assessment on the same at your earliest convenient time.